Le Pietre di Canossa is located in the middle of a historical, art and culture area. It offer you both the possibility of enjoying a perfect stay between the amenities of a beautiful natural landscape and to be in the heart of cultural exhibitions and folk-happenings that Enza Valley always provides.

Enjoy the visit of:

  • The Castle of Canossa.
  • The Castle of Rossena ( Info 0039 (0)522-242013/242009/511576)
  • Matilda's medieval parade (Info Municipality of Canossa tel. 0039 (0)522/878111 - fax 878050)
  • Tempietto del Petrarca
  • Archeological site of Luceria Info tel. 0039 (0)522878143
  • Votigno e la Casa del Tibet
  • Reggio Emilia
  • Parma

For those who loves the amenities of the nature:

  • Sentiero Matilde: 80km of pathways, from mule tracks to paths already existent at the time of Matilda, touch the main points of historical interest and gently descend towards the Tuscan Apennines.
  • Sentiero dei Ducati: - It intersects Sentiero Matilde, passing through Casina, Carpineti and Toano, with deviations along the ancient ducal boundaries - the dividing line between the Este family's dominions and the land of the people of Parma.
  • Campotrera Natural Reserve - Located in an extremely important area from a geological viewpoint, it boasts volcanic pillows that are still visible and a large variety of ophiolitic rocks.

And for gourmands… try the numberless typical dishes of the area, which range from balsamic vinegar to Cappelletti, from Parmesan cheese to ham, from the Erbazzone Reggiano to fried gnocchi, just to mention a few, perfectly crowned by the excellent Lambrusco wine produced in this land.